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Quality, reliability, safety and design of our products is an apsolute priorety. A large number of our partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries: Germany, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo as hundreds of thousands of our products installed in your homes each year are sort of guarantee and recommendation for your future choice.


Electrical materials production company

EKVA Ltd. Is a electrical materials production company, EKVA Ltd. engages cca. 60 Machines for plastic injection, duroplast injection and pressing, metal stamping and contact whelding and a automatic assembly line.

EKVA Ltd. also has it’s own tools department for the service and repairment of our own tools. The production capacity is measured in millions of pcs. needed for our industry depending on Type of product. Having in mind our huge experience in the processing of polymers, duroplasts, elastomers, thermoplasts and other materials, we are able to guarantee a high quality product at any time, also we dare to say that we are probably the only company in this branch in Europe which uses pure silver for electrical contacts which again allows our products a long time funcionallity.

The company EKVA Ltd. Inherited it’s know-how and overall knowledge from a very known company in this region Elektrokontakt Zagreb with which we cooperated for 20 Years . Elektrokontakt Zagreb was founded in 1926 and was the leading company in electrical materials in the region.



EKVA d.o.o.

Pajtov han bb, Vareš

Proizvodnja: 032 841 700 (Vareš)

Administracija: 033 721 460 (Sarajevo)


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